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Sponsor A Rabbit

 Sponsorship Program

By sponsoring one of our rescued rabbits you're helping to ensure they have a home for life.  

Your donation of $40 per rabbit per year will be used for:


  • Veterinary costs

  • Hay

  • Rabbit chow

  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Rabbitat and bunny health building upkeep

  • Sanctuary operating costs


Once you have made the decision to sponsor a rabbit, you will receive a Rabbit Sanctuary welcome pack which includes:


  • A color 5 x 7 photograph of your rabbit

  • An adoption certificate

  • Your bunny's biography

  • A newsletter

  • A brochure

If you would like to mail this form with a check, click on the blue print button at the bottom left of the form.  Fill it out and send it along with your payment to:

Rabbit Sanctuary Inc.

P. O. Box 80036

Simpsonville, SC 29680 



Our sanctuary is funded entirely by donations.  All work is done by volunteers.  The sanctuary has no paid staff. 







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