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Our Mission: To provide rescued domestic rabbits a home for life.

About us 

The Sanctuary is located in Simpsonville, SC on thirty wooded acres. The sanctuary can accommodate approximately 55 rabbits in outdoor natural environments called Rabbitats.  

The rabbits who arrive at the Sanctuary are usually in poor condition.  Many have suffered from abuse, malnutrition, neglect, isolation, and many other conditions too unpleasant to mention here.  It was from this reality that RSI instituted its home for life policy and its virtual Adopt-A-Rabbit program.  

We strive to educate the public in natural rabbit care, recognizing that they are a unique animal that is often misunderstood.


We provide a natural setting where a rabbit can be a rabbit.  They are treated respectfully, with the understanding that they deserve to live their lives as nature intended them to.


Easy 2019

Easy relaxing on the lawn in Rabbitat 2

We're Verified!

Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. is proud to announce that it is the first lifetime care rabbit sanctuary to receive verification from Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  Our sanctuary is the only animal sanctuary in the state of South Carolina to have obtained verification status.  

Our dedication to our mission is evidenced through our efforts to become verified.  It's one of the  ways we demonstrate our level of care for our rabbits, and our dedication to the people who support our efforts through virtual adoption and sanctuary sponsorship.

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Thank you for your support!

Rabbitat Construction 101

Ever wonder what a rabbitat looks like on the inside or how the rabbits are kept safe?  Have you wondered how the bunnies stay cool on hot summer days or warm during an Acrtic blast?  Take a look at the construction photos to see how our rabbitats are built.

A Brief History of Rabbit Sanctuary Inc.

The first rabbit, The Great Droovy, arrived at Caroline Gilbert's home in 1968.  He wasn't to be there at all as Caroline had given her eldest son a firm "no" when he asked for a rabbit.  Fortunately for Droovy it was love at first sight. The family fell for him completely and in no time, he had the run of the house.  Droovy immediately began educating the family on the uncommon ways of rabbits.

 It didn't take long for Caroline to learn that rabbits were a misunderstood animal who often fared badly in their associations with people.  Thus began her ardent study of domestic rabbits.  She began rescuing rabbits here and there, and before long the the sanctuary began to take shape.  


In the early 1970's, Caroline contacted Cleveland Amory of The Fund For Animals for guidance on how to deal with a cruelty case.  It was from that call that a friendship grew, and with his guidance the rabbit sanctuary began in earnest.   


The rabbit sanctuary became incorporated in 1986, instituting its Adopt-A-Rabbit virtual adoption program. In 2006, the sanctuary became a nonprofit organization.   


The sanctuary's Home for Life policy assures that domestic rabbits who find sanctuary here live their lives as close to a natural rabbit's life as is possible.  They are allowed to live in peace with other rabbits in a safe, natural environment.

Droovy relaxing in the yard

Anything for a prune!

Grazing in the back yard

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