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Sponsor a Rabbit 

Our adorable rabbits are featured below. Just select the rabbit or rabbits you would like to sponsor, click on their picture, then follow the link to begin your sponsorship.  We have several senior and special needs rabbits who would love to be sponsored also!  To learn more about each rabbit, click on their picture. 

Bubba -male

"Hey, I'm Bubba. I came to the Sanctuary after roaming around on a golf course. It may have been a pretty place, but there was nothing there for me to make a life for myself. Then, I was spotted by a nice lady (who lived near the golf course) who brought me to the Sanctuary. I now have everything I need including Cookie, who is by best friend."

Cookie - female

"I'm Cookie. I was lving in an aquarium in a classroom. I didnt have much of a life sitting in a glass box with little to do and no one to share my life with. Then, a miracle! I was brought to the Sanctuary where I met Bubba and we became best friends. We are the official greeters at the Sanctuary's health care building. Now I have many friends, lots to do, and Bubba too."

Esther - female

"Hello, my name is Esther. I was scheduled to be turned out when a breeder decided he didn't want to mess with rabbits any more. Luckily, fate brought me to the Sanctuary where I live with Chez in Rabbitat 1."

Ice - male

"I'm Ice. I was nearly starved to death when I was rescued by a kind family. They nursed me back to health then brought me to the Sanctuary. I live with Josephine in Rabbitat 1 where we dance everyday!"

Holly - female

"Hi. My name is Holly. I live in Rabbitat 1 with Poppy. I was found abandoned on the side of a dirt road in Pisgah Forrest, NC. I was too weak and tired to run away when a kind lady approached me. She spoke so softly to me that I knew she would not harm me. I let her pick me up. She brought me to the Sanctuary where I feel safe and cared for by the volunteers who take care of me and all the other rabbits here."

Poppy - male

"Hey there! I'm Poppy. I was taken to a shelter, but they did not take rabbits. So I was released into the parking lot of the shelter to try to make it on my own - at just a few weeks old too! I hid under a van and survived the night. In the morning, a shelter employee found me, caught me, then called the Santurary. I'm fine now and I found my true love, Holly. We live together in Rabbitat 1."

"Hello! I'm Goldie. I was lost, and in the middle of a busy street. A man in a truck rescued me and brought to the Sanctuary. I now live in the Sanctuary residence with my buddy Basil. Life is so good!"

Orchid - male

"Hey, I'm Orchid. I was on my own in a surban neighborhood. I thought I was doing okay, but the reality was that I was very sick with an infection that was causing me alot of pain. I would not have lived very much longer if a nice lady had not noticed me and caught me. I was brought to the Sanctuary, where my infection was treated and I made a full recovery. I live in rabbitat 2 with Sundance".

"I'm Roger Everpleasant. I live in rabbitat 2 with my pal Frost. I came to the Sanctuary after being turned loose to make it in the wild. I was found by some nice people who sensed that I wasn't doing too well on my own. Thankfully, they brought me to the Sanctuary where I am well taken care of. I love to run laps around the rabbitat walkway on cleaning days! Everyone says I am the fastest rabbit they have ever seen!"

Bucky Billy - male

"Hi! I'm Bucky Billy. I'm the head greeter at the Sanctuary's health care building. I greet visitors, and keep up the spirits of the residents of the health care facility with my cheerfulness and playfulness. I love everyone!"

Judy Spotsworth - female

"I'm Judy Spotsworth. I was rescued by a family who went to great effort to save me from a life of neglect and abandonment. I now live with Easy in Rabbitat 2.

Babbit - male

"I'm Babbit. I was found sitting in the middle of a street. I had no idea the danger I was in because my eyes were so thickly encrusted with mites that I could not see at all! Fortunately, a family in their car saw me and stopped to help. I was nearly dead from bleeding open sores and the mites that covered me from nose to tail. It took many weeks of TLC, but thankfully, I am cured and healthy. I live in Rabbitat 1 with Sky."

Wonder - female, senior

"Hi, I'm Wonder! I was abandoned at an apartment complex. The maintenance man took me home where his cat attacked me! I got to the Sanctuary and made a full recovery. I live with Spark in Rabbitat 2."

Dandy - male, senior

"Hi I'm Dandy. I was left on the doorstep of a local animal hospital. I was temporarily "adopted" by the staff until I found a forever home here at the Sanctuary. I live in Rabbitat 2."

Reddi - male

"Hi, I'm Reddi! I came to the Sanctuary from a vacated home where everything was gone except for me! I was left in my small cage with no food or water. Many days went by before the landlord found me and brought me to the Sanctuary. What a relief! I live with Sneginka in Rabbitat 2."

Sky - female

"I'm Sky. I was trying to make a living on the grounds of Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg, SC. It was a beautiful place to live, but hard to find food and shelter. I was rescued by some very determined employees of the hospital who brought me to the Sanctuary. I live with Babbit in Rabbitat 1"

Sneginka - female

"Hello, I'm Sneginka. One night two raccoons attacked the hutch I was living in with three other rabbits. I was the lone survivor of that horrible attack. A man rescued me, then brought me to the Sanctuary. I now live in Rabbitat 2 with my friend Reddi, where we are both safe from raccoons!"

Pickens - male, senior

"My name's Pickens. I was thrown from a moving car while closed inside an old paint can! I survived! I live in Rabbitat 1."

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