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Our adorabe rabbits are featured below. Just select the rabbit or rabbits you would like to sponsor, click on their picture, then follow the link to begin your sponsorship.  We have several senior and special needs rabbits who would love to be sponsored also!  To learn more about each rabbit, click on their picture. 


"Hi I'm Artimus, but my friends call me Artie. I was nibbling flowers around mailboxes in a neighborhood when the next thing I knew, I was accused of being the Mailbox Bandit! I was captured and (thankfully) brought to the Sanctuary. I live a very happy life with Clover in Rabbitat 2."


"Hello, I'm Clover. I lived with a very loving family who had to move far away. They decided the move would be too hard on me, and that the new home would be too small. They worried that I would not have a safe outdoor area to relax in and that I would be home alone all day too. So they brought me to the Sanctuary where I would be well cared for. I met Artie and we became best friends immediately! We live together in Rabbitat 2 where we are both very happy!"

Easy - male

"Hi, my name is Easy. A couple of Sanctuary volunteers learned that I was crossing a very busy street to hang out at a local 7-11 store. I was having a great time but, I just couldn't find what I was looking for at the 7-11. The volunteers brought me to the Sanctuary where I found exactly what I had been looking for - Judy Spotsworth! We live happily together in Rabbitat 2."

Judy Spotsworth - female

"I'm Judy Spotsworth. I was rescued by a family who went to great effort to save me from a life of neglect and abandonment. I now live with Easy in Rabbitat 2.

Little Flower -  female

"Hi I'm Little Flower. I have so much energy that I run circles around my friend Reddi in Rabbitat 1! I had been running around a neighborhood on busy Augusta Road in Greenville, when a neighborhood resident spotted me and realized it was just a matter of time before a car would run over me, or I would fall pery to a dog or cat. She was able to catch me after days of trying because I had become quite weak with hunger. She brought me to the Sanctuary where I am back to my lively self."

"I'm Babbit. I was found sitting in the middle of a street. I had no idea the danger I was in because my eyes were so thickly encrusted with mites that I could not see at all! Fortunately, a family in their car saw me and stopped to help. I was nearly dead from bleeding open sores and the mites that covered me from nose to tail. It took many weeks of TLC, but thankfully, I am cured and healthy. I live in Rabbitat 1 with Sky."

Sparkle - female, special needs

"I am Sparkle. I have a congenital condition that caused the femur and tibia in both my back legs to be malaligned, making it difficult and painful for me to hop. I was found in a cow pasture by a lady who was nearly shot by the land owner as she tried to rescue me! I am grateful for her heroism, otherwise I would not have been taken to the vet and then to the Sanctuary. Because of my bad legs, I reside in the health care building with my best friend Brisco."

Wonder - female

"Hi, I'm Wonder! I was abandoned at an apartment complex. The maintenance man took me home where his cat attacked me! I got to the Sanctuary and made a full recovery. I live with Spots in Rabbitat I."

Dandy - male

"Hi I'm Dandy. I was left on the doorstep of a local animal hospital. I was temporarily "adopted" by the staff until I found a forever home here at the Sanctuary. I live in Rabbitat 2 with my funny friend Wisp."

Reddi - male

"Hi, I'm Reddi! I came to the Sanctuary from a vacated home where everything was gone except for me! I was left in my small cage with no food or water. Many days went by before the landlord found me and brought me to the Sanctuary. What a relief! I live with Little Flower in Rabbitat 1."

Wisp - female

"Hey! My name's Wisp. I was left in the middle of a busy street to dodge traffic in a pouring rain! I was snatched out of harms way by a brave person who brought me to the Sanctuary. I arrived soaking wet, and scared. Now I enjoy my days with Dandy in the safety of Rabbitat 2."

Morning Glory - female

"I'm Morning Glory. I was abandoned in Conestee along the Swamp Rabbit Trail where a kind gentleman noticed me and took my picture. I saw him again over the next several days taking pictures of flowers. One day he walked toward me, but I was too tired and weak from hunger to run away. He gently picked me up and took me to the Sanctuary where I was given plenty food and care. I live with Ollie in Rabbitat 2 where I'm safe, happy, and well fed."

Kremski - male

"I'm Kremski. My owners left me behind when they moved away. It was a scarry time for me! I was found by some nice people who brought me to the Sanctuary. I live with Willoby-who is very beautiful-in Rabbitat 1."

Sky - female

"I'm Sky. I was trying to make a living on the grounds of Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg, SC. It was a beautiful place to live, but hard to find food and shelter. I was rescued by some very determined employees of the hospital who brought me to the Sanctuary. I live with Babbit in Rabbitat 1"

Frannie - female

"Hello, I'm Frannie! I was lost in a neighborhood along with my sister. We were scrounging for food in a backyard garden when we were spotted by the gardner who didn't want us there. I was caught and brought to the Sanctuary. Sadly, I never saw my sister again. I live in Rabbitat 1 with Pickens."

Ollie - male

"I'm Ollie. I was living in a hutch under a large oak tree in the country, but I was a lonely prisoner, marking time in a dirty cage. Spark, who lived one pen over, was as lonely as I was. One night a big storm came and blew over our hutch! We were rescued and brought to the sanctuary. Now I live in Rabbitat 2 with Morning Glory. Life is really good!"

Pickens - male

"My name's Pickens. I was thrown from a moving car while closed inside an old paint can! I survived! I live in Rabbitat 1 with my BFF Frannie."

Spark - male

"I'm Spark and I live in Rabbitat 1. I came to the Sanctuary with my friend Ollie who lives in rabbitat 2. We were part of an animal care program at a long term care center. When the program was cancelled, we ended up in a large rabbit hutch under an old oak tree. One winter's night a terrible storm blew the hutch over and nearly killed us! We were rescued and brought to the Sanctuary where we are safe and well cared for."

Willoby - female

"I'm Willoby and I've been told that I'm very beautiful! I came from Oregon to live at the Sanctuary after being dumped at a shelter where I was the only rabbit. There were a lot of barking dogs who made me very nervous! My home is in Rabbitat 1 with my handsome friend Kremski."

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