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How You Can Help

Sanctuary Wish List

It's the little things that add up!

The sanctuary goes through a lot of paper towels, dish detergent, and laundry detergent!  Donations of thiese items make a BIG difference in the bunnies budget!  Thank you!

Back-up generator for the Bunny Health Care Building

When the electricty goes out, the bunnies still need their treatments and medications.  Help us keep the lights on and the rabbits on their treatment schedules!

Mats for the bunnies in the Health Care Building

The Bunny Health Care Building uses soft absorbent mats for the rabbits to rest on while they recuperate from illness or medical procedures.  The favorite of the bunnies is Weaver Single Weave Saddle Blanket.  They can be found at Tractor Supply Stores and on Amazon.  Click on the photo to go to Amazon for convenient shopping.  Thanks!

Laundry detergent and dish detergent

All those comfy bunny mats need to be laundered!  We wash an average of 3 loads of bunny laundry a day, and that adds up quickly!  Bunny feed and water dishes need to be kept clean as well.   We use eco friendly detergents to help keep the environment clean.

Feed dishes

Dishes wear out and need to be replaced.  Medium sized, heavy duty plastic or crockery pet dishes are used at the sanctuary.  

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Use these sites and help earn money for the bunnies!
Other helpful sites



Every time you shop at iGive you help the rabbits.  




You can help the Sanctuary by using a new search engine. Go to and enter Adopt-A-Rabbit then click Verify. Each search will raise money for the Sanctuary. 

Binky Bunny 


Support the rabbit sanctuary by shopping at If you click the link, then buy merchandise from them, the Sanctuary gets 7% of the purchase price!


Small Pet Select


A great source for rabbit hay and rabbit pellets!  Shipping discounts or free shipping on purchases of a certain amount.  Check them out!  




Provides information on rabbits available for adoption

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