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YES!  I want to help Little Flower!

Please accept my donation to help with her medical expenses!  

Other recently rescued rabbits are featured below.  Your generous donations make it possible for rabbits in need to find a home here.  Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. is supported 100% by donations and by the efforts of volunteers. The rabbit sanctuary has no paid staff.  

Wonder is a 1 year old female who was abandoned at an apartment complex, rescued, then attacked by a cat!  When she arrived at the sanctuary, she was badly traumatized.  She refused to eat or drink, and very nearly died.

Over several months of attentive care, her wounds healed, she began to eat on her own, gain weight, and make friends in the health care building.  Before long Wonder was healthy enough to move into a territory in rabbitat 1 with Spots, another new arrival.

Here's a quick tally of Wonder's medical expenses for the sanctuary:

$100 for wellness check

$200 for treatment and care of injuries

$375 for spay 


Please help off set Wonder's medical care costs with a thoughtful donation!

                     Thank you!       


Spots is a 1 year old male lop who was found abandoned in a Spartanburg, SC  neighborhood.  Observed by a neighborhood resident who had become concerned for his well being, Spots was caught and brought to the sanctuary.  

His wellness check revealed that he was considerably underweight from starvation and dehydration.  Once he had gained weight and been neutered, he was partnered with Wonder.  

Here's a quick look at Spots medical expenses since his arrival at the sanctuary:

$100  for wellness check 

$315 for neutering

Please help with Spots  medical expenses with a thoughtful donation!

                        Thank you!

Special Needs Rabbits

Our bunny health care building is a busy place.  Rabbits recuperating from illness or surgery spend time here until they are healthy enough to return to their territory.  The health care building also serves as a permanent residence for our geriatric population, as well as those rabbits that may suffer from medical conditions that make living outside in a territory unsuitable.  Some of the permanent residents are featured in the gallery below. Click on their photos to read their stories.

Honey Bunny Green
Honey Bunny Green has degenerative disc disease. The condition has made it impossible for her to stand or hop. HB needs daily cleansing of her hind quarters to prevent her skin from becoming irritated. She has limited mobility but is able scoot around and visit the other bunnies in the building. She loves treats and attention from her care givers.
Tweed was in bad shape when she was rescued from the streets of downtown Spartanburg, SC. She suffered from a shattered back leg that had to be amputated below the knee. As if that were not enough, Tweed was then diagnosed with cancer that required surgery to remove tumors from her mammary glands. Her leg has healed and her cancer is gone, but her dilicate condition makes it necessarry for her to reside in the health care building. She has may friends who keep her company.
Little Debbie & Yolo
Yolo receiving some TLC from Little Debbie after Yolo's recent jaw surgery.
Sparkle is a special needs rabbit due to a congential condition that caused her tibia and femur in both back legs to be malaligned. This condition makes it more difficult for her to hop. Though she is able to get around, life in a rabbitat territory would be too demanding for her. She lives with Brisco in the health care building where she recieves regular medications.
YoLo's story is a sad one indeed. She suffered greatly as a neglected classroom pet. When YoLo became agressive, as a means of defending herself, she was kicked out of class, then banished to a tiny cage at a feed and seed store. Luckily, a kind person noticed her and was able to get her out and to the sanctuary. Her health assessment revealed poor eye sight and a heart condition.
Brisco has a fractured spine that makes it impossible for her to live in a territory in one of the rabbitats.
Lice and a hide full of BB's. That's what Goodie had when she was dumped on the doorstep of the sanctuary. Her wellness check discovered a coat full of lice and a rump full of BB's. Unfortunately not all of the BB's could be removed as some resided in her neck where they were too risky to remove. Goodie also has a heart condition that requires daily medication. She is bonded with Spark and together they are quite content living in the health care building.
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